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Working at DriveThruRPG

I started a new part-time job at DriveThruRPG/OneBookShelf at the beginning of January, as a Publisher Relations Specialist. It’s been a whirlwind of learning new things, getting myself integrated with my co-workers — many I already knew, of course, since I’ve been using DriveThruRPG as a publisher since 2004 — and meeting and interacting with […]

Running Your Own Store? What I’ve Learned (Part 1)

The Posthuman Studios (PS+) online store has been running for just over a year-and-a-half now, with fulfillment being divided between two locations: Atlas Games handles our fulfillment for large books and backstock books and I personally ship out many pre-order books, merchandise like t-shirts and enamel pins, special cases, etc. Currently there are renovations happening […]

Trust in Kickstarter Pledge Levels

I was discussing Kickstarter campaign stuff with some people yesterday, and encouraged one of them to add an introductory backer level with relevant core books as digital rewards, for those people who are discovering their setting from this Kickstarter. My suggestion was to fulfill digital rewards for those backer levels every 24-48 hours during the […]

book covers and interiors, detached from each other.

The Solo Stapler and the Case of the Backwards Covers

I’ve thought about a bunch of funny ways to start this post, but I don’t think there’s anything funnier than just saying it: I transposed the front and back cover on a book I just printed, Xenovore. TLDR: The problem is fixed now, and all Xenovore pre-orders have been shipped out. The printer I used […]

Learning to Publish on DriveThruRPG

When I started publishing on DriveThruRPG, this was how the Publisher Tools section worked: you emailed a zip file of your games to them and they did the work to put them online. I think there were about 40 publishers on DriveThruRPG when it launched, and by my rough math between 5 and 6% of total titles were ones that I personally uploaded!

Introducing Freon Skies

Last week, I released the first installment of Freon Skies, my Modern Cyberpunk Plus line of game supplements. It’s called Nice Things the Organleggers Left Behind, and it’s some guidelines for integrating Organleggers into your campaigns, plus a giant ole d100 random list of things you might find at an abandoned hideout for organleggers, nicely […]

Adventuring on DMsGuild

There’s a confluence of three things going on right now: I’ve been working on a lot of Eclipse Phase adventures, and trying hard to evolve their presentation to make them easier to absorb when first reading and easier to run at the table without a ton of page-flipping — especially page-flipping that requires leaving one […]

Sharing Export Profiles in Affinity Publisher

This article is funded on behalf of my generous Patreon Supporters. Please visit Patreon and support my work. There are varying reward tiers depending on your support level and the type of supporter you are (gamer, publisher, etc.) There are varying reward tiers depending on your support level and the type of supporter you are (gamer, […]