Shadowrun Returns

A long time ago, the SEGA Genesis version of Shadowrun introduced me to the Sixth World. A few weeks later, my pay for babysitting my young nephew was a copy of Shadowrun, Second Edition. Good games, bad games, fandom, fanzines, being published, working for the publishers, and the 20th Anniversary Edition all followed. My nephew […]

ENnies Award Voting 2010

Voting for the 2010 ENnie Awards is now open. I can’t deny that this year’s ENNie Award nominations aren’t a little bittersweet after the events of earlier this year. Projects that I worked on are well-represented, and the great number of worthy entrants in every categories indicate something that has been true for a long […]

No longer with Catalyst Game Labs / IMR

March 17th edit: Internet scuttlebutt makes me want to clarify this—leaving IMR was my choice. I wasn’t fired, asked to leave, or any way “negotiated out” of the company. I had and have no ownership stake in the company. I am no longer an employee of Catalyst Game Labs / InMediaRes LLC, nor a contractor/freelancer […]

My Work in 2009

I\’m not going to fib: 2009 was a rough year, work-wise. Catalyst experienced turnovers and hardships and growing pains, and we also did a lot of awesome things, but we also didn\’t get all of the awesome things finished that we wanted to. That leaves us with plenty of things to do in 2010, of […]

Shadowrun, Fourth Edition 20th Anniversary Edition

The project that has taken so much of my time and energy over the last few months has now been announced, and is available as a PDF: Catalyst Game Labs Celebrates 20 Years of Shadowrun! [I will try to have some actual thoughts about this, when I am finished being exhausted and stressed. I hope […]

Digital Grimoire for Shadowrun

We released our first small, PDF-only project for Shadowrun on Friday; an 18-page supplement that offers some magical expansions, new traditions, spells, adept powers, magical groups, etc. It’s an interesting little book, and a fun experiment … I wrote the BCC text to be quite explicit about what you get with the book, so people […]

ENnie Awards Voting!

Voting in the ENnie Awards is now open. The publisher I work for, Catalyst Game Labs, is nominated for Fan Choice Best Publisher, and the Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules — the best RPG Quick-Start Rules ever, you know! — are up for Best Free Product.

Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules up for ENnie Award

No press release, just a HELL YEAH for the Shadowrun, Fourth Edition Quick-Start Rules getting nominated for an ENnie Award this year. We really busted ass last year to design and deliver what I think is a tremendous set of Quick-Start Rules and an overall great [and free!] booklet aimed at introducing gamers into Shadowrun […]