Tabletop Games Piracy in 2018

This article is funded on behalf of my generous Patreon Supporters. Please visit Patreon and support my work. There are varying reward tiers depending on your support level and the type of supporter you are (gamer, publisher, etc.) It felt for a few years like few people cared about piracy in tabletop games. Everyone had their […]

Ignite Slides from PepCon

I was at the InDesignSecretsLive Print and ePublishing 2011 conference last week, and did a five minute Ignite speech talking about my publishing philosophy, Posthuman Studios, and Eclipse Phase. Regular readers of my blog will be familiar with many of those principles, but I have a sexy slideshow available for download. I wrote way too […]

Piracy “Doesn’t Matter”

I’ve said that “piracy doesn’t matter” several times, and people like to argue with me about that. Of course, it’s a phrase said for effect. Piracy matters, but: publishers can do little to influence piracy. Giant conglomerates like the RIAA, MPAA, and BSA are incapable of stamping out commercial and non-commercial piracy. Does such an […]

eBook Piracy

Attributor, an "anti-piracy solutions" (I\’m already LOLing) company, says there are "1.5-3 million daily Google queries for pirated e-books" and "54 percent increase in pirated e-book demand since August 2009." Eric Hellman says Attributor eBook Piracy Numbers Don\’t Add Up. Richard Curtis of ereads.com page says: "So, even if one is willing to grant that […]

Further Piracy Thoughts

Here’s a few more bullet points from the Things I Think About Piracy department, as a followup to ICv2, Gaming Book Piracy, Quality of News. Most of this addresses “media” piracy; software piracy is a whole different kettle of fish, I think, as you can profit from using pirated software. I don’t think piracy is […]

ICv2, Gaming Book Piracy, Quality of News

ICv2 is one of the last sites that report on the hobby gaming industry in a general way. By general, I mean they don’t have a specific focus—they don’t cover just indie games, or just CCGs, etc. This week, ICv2 published the following article: Change Roiling Book Business. The second part of this article talks […]