Gen Con 2007!

Ah, the best four days in gaming. Also, non-stop meetings, seminars, and other crazy stuff.

I had a really great time. First, obviously, I have to mention Catalyst Game Labs -- this was our first GC with our new company, and we had a hot booth with new fixtures and all sorts of good stuff, in a damned nice location. We had plenty of space to run demos, and we demoed Degenesis, Shadowrun, and Classic BattleTech regularly at the booth.

Our regular games were a bit of chaos. I'm honestly not sure of all the details, but they were shuffled around a few times and some of them were in very remote locations, and apparently Gen Con also printed up a bunch of tickets that didn't match any of the previous information ... this seemed to be a problem for a lot of companies and their games.

On the product front, I am incredibly thrilled that we had everything we wanted to have to the show there: the new Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set, Starterbook: Sword and Dragon, TechManual, the Total Warfare reprint, and Technical Readout 3050: Upgrades for Classic BattleTech; Augmentation and Emergence for Shadowrun; new Quick-Start Rules for Shadowrun; and the debut of the Degenesis Quick-Start rules. We also had a new BattleTech t-shirt and a Saeder-Krupp t-shirt for Shadowrun.

All of the books will be in stores by August 31st, except for the ones that are already there.

All of this coming together so well was just... incredible to see. Did we have room for improvement? Absolutely, as always. But it was good. Damned good.

I didn't get much time to wander the show floor, but I did snag some of Green Ronin's new Freeport stuff, which looks hot; the 40 Years of Gen Con book, Post-Apocalyptic Hero from Hero Games, a copy of jim pinto's new wrestling RPG, and a few other things.

The mood of the show seemed upbeat, too. Obviously there was a lot of talk about D&D Fourth Edition, which I haven't done enough reading about yet to have any sort of useful opinion except "I'm not afraid of it putting Catalyst out of business."

We won a couple ENnies -- a gold and a silver -- for the free pack of Classic BattleTech Introductory ceremony. I arrived at the ceremony just a few minutes before those awards were given out, so it was great to get to hoot and holller at Randall. I hope this leads to more recognition of minis games at the ENnies. Also, from what I saw, the ENnies ceremony itself was very well done this year, and was in a very nice location.

I have to give some mad props to Davidson, Seth, and Klaus for how much they busted their butts promoting Degenesis at the booth, running demos, and getting fans interested in this crazy-cool game. By the end of Friday we had given out all the Quick-Start Rules we brought, so with some quick help we printed up some new 4 page flyers the next morning so the information stream didn't trickle to nothing.

Beyond that, it was great to catch up with and spend some quality time with people I haven't seen for awhile, and I met some new people who are pretty damned cool, too. So that's all pluses!

And of course, thanks to the fans that came out to the show, to our booth, seminars, and games -- Gen Con is the four days of the year where I love my job the most, and it's due to you guys.

GenCon Indy 2006

GenCon 2006 was tons of awesome. In brief:

  • FanPro had our largest booth ever, shared with Iron Wind Metals, and we also had a couple of the Virtual World Entertainment BattleTech pods there. We got to talk to a ton of fans, and ran a successful instance of our "Booth Runner" game for the second year in a row.
  • We had awesome sales of our new products, including Street Magic for Shadowrun and Total Warfare for Classic BattleTech.
  • Total Warfare looks really, really awesome. It's so gratifying to see something that we worked so hard on come out in a virtually flawless manner. The hardcopy is gorgeous, the best-looking book FanPro has ever done, and it totally brings Classic BattleTech up to -- and maybe above -- the production values of other modern miniature games.
  • Shadowrun, Fourth Edition had brisk sales and won two ENnie Awards, for Best Rules and Best Product.
  • We promoted Degenesis as much as possible, with limited resources, and a lot of people seem enthusiastic about it.
  • Our Dodgeball team won two 3AM games, including a victory over the White Wolf team.
  • We had great service and fabulous rooms at the Hilton, had some good meals, productive meetings, and good times during the evening.
  • Guardians of Order's A Game of Thrones RPG got a bunch of 2nd place ENnies -- and deserved first place in at least one, but was almost certainly hurt by GoO's lack of support for the game over the year.

A super successful show!