Gen Con Highlight

On Friday morning, a woman walked up to our booth. She said: “You guys look like you know what you’re doing. Do you have a bandaid?” And I replied: “Yes, let me get our first aid kit.” As it happened, I had needed a bandaid myself earlier that morning and had opened the brand-new kit, […]

Affordable Interlocking Convention Floor Mats

This is one of those posts that I started last year … but I’m buying more today, so I’m throwing this post up as-is! I’ve been shopping for interlocking convention mats over the last few days. These mats are also used in playschools and martial arts studios and all sorts of places. They’re a couple […]

Gen Con 2011

My company, Posthuman Studios, will have a Gen Con 2011 report soon. We went, we made money, we drank, we had meetings, we played games. I kissed a troll.

My Best Four Days in Gaming

Gen Con started badly for me. I flew out from DC on Wednesday morning; my girlfriend Kristen on a direct flight and me with a connection through Chicago. Some bad weather meant my flight from DC left late, and my flight—and the flight before it—to Indianapolis were cancelled. There was no chance of going standby […]

Gen Con Attendance Tips

I haven’t updated my Gen Con tips this year; I intended to, but it simply hasn’t happened. Last year’s tips should still be useful, though: Part 1: Before the Show! Part 2: At the Show Part 3: Looking for Work See you at the show!

ENnies Award Voting 2010

Voting for the 2010 ENnie Awards is now open. I can’t deny that this year’s ENNie Award nominations aren’t a little bittersweet after the events of earlier this year. Projects that I worked on are well-represented, and the great number of worthy entrants in every categories indicate something that has been true for a long […]

Things Not to Say …

“You would think the women would demo the good games.” We’ve been demoing our upcoming card game, Paparazzi! at GenCon this week. Someone actually said the above quote to one of our demo team people, when he asked her about the game and she described it as “the game of trash-celebrity culture” [the game’s standard […]

This Just In From GenCon Appearance

I’ll be appearing once on the twice-daily This Just In…From GenCon! podcast this week. My episode records Thursday afternoon just before the exhibitor’s hall closes for the first day. If you want to keep up with what a bunch of podcasters and industry people think this year’s GenCon, TJIFG is one of the best way […]

Gen Con Attendance Tips 3: Looking for Work

My Gen Con Tip Archive: Part 1: Before the Show! | Part 2: At the Show | Part 3: Looking for Work (Jan 2011 edit: I edited this to remove names of a company and people I don’t work with anymore, so as not to create confusion when people read this article in the future. […]