Creating Playtest Kits for Card Games

I started this article a long time ago and it’s sat in my drafts folder for months. I’m working on the same task today and figured I would finish what I had written about the subject and get it out there, instead of waiting until I could finish everything I want to write on the […]

Thousand Suns Rulebook Cover

James Maliszewski posted up the cover of the new Thousand Suns Rulebook today, and it’s already received some nice praise. We’ve been working on this project for a long time, and I’m super-pleased to help take Thousand Suns to the next level, and to help launch James’ new company Grognardia Games with it. James describes […]

Bite-Sized Fate

Over on, there’s a thread discussing TheMouse’s “bite-sized” explanation of Fate. Several people have made 1-page (front and back) pamphlet-style versions of his condensed rules. My rough take on the idea is here: (if I update this file, I’ll just update that link and post a note. For now, I’m asking that people […]

DriveThruRPG Updating PDFs for iPad Compatability

As many people with an iPad know, the PDF libraries included with it are written by Apple, not Adobe, and they don’t support all PDF feature perfectly. They’ve been working with freelance designers, myself included, to rid these PDFs of glitches (as much as you can when not always having access to the files used […]

Not All Gamers are Plugged In

One of the common misconceptions about gamers is that they’re all plugged in—they’re all on the internet, they all read forums and keep up with publisher’s blogs, they subscribe to podcasts and know what’s being released when. This is hogwash. There are many gamers that don’t get news from anyplace except their local gaming store, […]

2D6 Feet in a Random Direction

2D6 Feet in a Random Direction is one of my favorite gaming podcasts. It delivers gaming news from well-connected and knowledgeable hosts [Chris Hanrahan and Brian Isikoff] and guests, reviews, actual play reports, and California and USA west-coast gaming scene news. The show’s producers recently had some issues with their web hosting, and so I […]

The latest Gen Con LLC updates

Trask over at Living Dice has posted the most recent news about Gen Con LLC’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing, including a nice summary and some of the documents themselves. In short, Gen Con LLC has come up with a plan to pay back their debts, and the creditors have until the end of December to […]

Review: Things We Think About Games

Things We Think About Games is the first book published by Gameplaywright Press, a joint effort between game industry veterans Will Hindmarch [who I consider a good friend] and Jeff Tidball [who I have met once, a few years back … in the middle of a discussion about television cooking shows, not a subject that […]

D&D Fourth Edition

One of the nice things about being friends with someone who works part-time at my friendly local gaming store: the D&D Fourth Edition books were delivered to my door yesterday, and I got to support my FLGS with the purchase. I haven’t had time to do more than flip through the books yet, but I’m […]

Gen Con LLC Bankruptcy Documents

Living Dice has posted a document from Gen Con’s LLC bankruptcy filing. I haven’t really looked over the document and Living Dice says there may be more and updated documents available, but they didn’t dig them up.