BattleTech Book Sale

BattleTech fans, I have a large number of extra BattleTech books. Books that I worked hard on, books that I’m proud of. But, they are extras, and I need some cash and space in my office more than I need them. So here’s the deal&mdashlpick a book from the list below (all full-color hardcovers, except […]

No longer with Catalyst Game Labs / IMR

March 17th edit: Internet scuttlebutt makes me want to clarify this—leaving IMR was my choice. I wasn’t fired, asked to leave, or any way “negotiated out” of the company. I had and have no ownership stake in the company. I am no longer an employee of Catalyst Game Labs / InMediaRes LLC, nor a contractor/freelancer […]

Gen Con 2007!

Ah, the best four days in gaming. Also, non-stop meetings, seminars, and other crazy stuff. I had a really great time. First, obviously, I have to mention Catalyst Game Labs — this was our first GC with our new company, and we had a hot booth with new fixtures and all sorts of good stuff, […]

Classic BattleTech TechManual: Large, filling, yet aerodynamic!

TechManual for Classic BattleTech is available as an eBook, and the print version is at press overseas. This is a whopper; 352 pages that cover building every kind of \’Mech imaginable, plus infantry units, combat and support vehicles, battle armor, and other units. I\’m pretty sure this title has more tables, more math, and more […]

BESM Third Edition and Adam’s 2007 Schedule

I updated my Publication List to include BESM Third Edition, the last book I worked on as a freelancer for Guardians of Order. I finished the book nearly a year ago, and started it nearly two years ago, so it really feels like forever has passed. I haven’t seen my copies yet and long-ago burned […]

Handbook: House Davion … Finally

Handbook: House Davion for Classic BattleTech is finally available as an eBook, and the print version is at press. Talk about a project that sucked the life out of me … I wasn\’t originally scheduled to handle the interior layout, but I had a free few days in my schedule so I offered to zip […]