Work Stuff

Eclipse Phase is Origins Award RPG of the Year

Eclipse Phase was just voted the Best RPG of the Year at the Origins Awards. To say that I am pleased, after all the hard work that went into this game, after all the business kerfuffles over the last few months, and considering the competition —well, I am very pleased. Eclipse Phase is a complete […]

No longer with Catalyst Game Labs / IMR

March 17th edit: Internet scuttlebutt makes me want to clarify this—leaving IMR was my choice. I wasn’t fired, asked to leave, or any way “negotiated out” of the company. I had and have no ownership stake in the company. I am no longer an employee of Catalyst Game Labs / InMediaRes LLC, nor a contractor/freelancer […]

Shadowrun, Fourth Edition 20th Anniversary Edition

The project that has taken so much of my time and energy over the last few months has now been announced, and is available as a PDF: Catalyst Game Labs Celebrates 20 Years of Shadowrun! [I will try to have some actual thoughts about this, when I am finished being exhausted and stressed. I hope […]

Digital Grimoire for Shadowrun

We released our first small, PDF-only project for Shadowrun on Friday; an 18-page supplement that offers some magical expansions, new traditions, spells, adept powers, magical groups, etc. It’s an interesting little book, and a fun experiment … I wrote the BCC text to be quite explicit about what you get with the book, so people […]

GAMA Trade Show

Got back to Seattle last night from the GAMA Trade Show. We had a good time in Vegas, and a very productive show for Catalyst Game Labs — we heard a lot of good things about our current product lines, and a very positive response to the new games that we’ll be releasing later this […]