2012 ENnies Voting

Voting for the 2012 ENnies Awards ends soon. One of the titles that I helped create, Panopticon, is up for an ENnie Award for Best Writing. Voting is open to the public, but it ends tomorrow. I (and the other Panopticon creators) would appreciate your support! Posthuman Studios is also nominated in the Best Publisher […]

My Work in 2009

I’m not going to fib: 2009 was a rough year, work-wise. Catalyst experienced turnovers and hardships and growing pains, and we also did a lot of awesome things, but we also didn’t get all of the awesome things finished that we wanted to. That leaves us with plenty of things to do in 2010, of […]

Dirty Words Design Episode 2

After a crazy month of March and early April, I’ve finished Episode 2 of Dirty Words Design; a grab-bag episode that revisits Episode 1 and further explains Packaging vs. Copy Links, and a “feature” of Packaging that you may not be aware of. I also give a brief overview on exporting a document to PDF […]

Interviewed on This Modern Death

I was interviewed on the modern horror/dark future gaming podcast This Modern Death recently, and the episode was just posted. It’s about an hour, and we talk about all sorts of things: Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase, Paparazzi!, finger-painting, how I got into gaming, how I got into working in the game industry, the licensed property I’d […]

Mur Lafferty on Creative Commons

Mur Lafferty’s most recent episode of I Should Be Writing has a nice summary of what Creative Commons is, what sort of projects have used it, and what you can use it for. The Creative Commons talk starts at roughly the 5:15 point of the podcast.

Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules up for ENnie Award

No press release, just a HELL YEAH for the Shadowrun, Fourth Edition Quick-Start Rules getting nominated for an ENnie Award this year. We really busted ass last year to design and deliver what I think is a tremendous set of Quick-Start Rules and an overall great [and free!] booklet aimed at introducing gamers into Shadowrun […]