Site News

I have two new blogs

I had meant to launch a new blog and videocast late last year, but it got delayed for a variety of reasons, and then last week I ended up “accidentally” launching a new blog, and then today, I pre-launched the videocast blog. The videocast blog is Dirty Words Designs, which will be about Adobe InDesign […]

I have seen the future…

… and it is updating WordPress with Subversion. Also, I gave up on the miniposts because they were playing wonky with some other stuff, and that led to me not updating them often, and that rather defeated the point.

Site Update

I have moved domains from to, with a new skin on the blog, and the aim to update more often and in more meaningful/useful ways … we’ll see about that. Life and work is exceptionally busy, and while I have a lot of things I want to write about, making the time for […]