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Making Announcements: Pitfalls & Products

I started writing this post over a year ago, and have been sitting on it incomplete for a long time. I feel that in the age of Kickstarter and stretch goals and the frenzied changes to publishing and creation, this is more important than ever. But finishing this post has proved troublesome, so I’m throwing […]

Ignite Slides from PepCon

I was at the InDesignSecretsLive Print and ePublishing 2011 conference last week, and did a five minute Ignite speech talking about my publishing philosophy, Posthuman Studios, and Eclipse Phase. Regular readers of my blog will be familiar with many of those principles, but I have a sexy slideshow available for download. I wrote way too […]

How to Buy Amazon Albums Outside the USA

I wrote about Amazon’s MP3 service only working for USA-based customers last year, and since then I haven’t had to deal with them. Lady Gaga’s new album, Born this Way, is available on Amazon for $0.99 for a limited time. iTunes has the same album for twelve bucks. This is a financial no-brainer—but I can’t […]

International Digital Sales

The 51st State. Upper America. America’s Hat. Canada is seen as many to be "just like" the USA. When it comes to availability of digital content, Canada can be a ghetto. Yup, it’s a #firstworldproblem as we would say on Twitter. Hulu doesn’t stream to Canada. Friend links to The Daily Show? Better go rummage […]

Being a Better Friend on Social Networks

On social networks such as Facebook, your friends and colleagues typically provide you with a vast amount of information about what they’re doing and how they’re feeling. You should use this information to be a better friend. When a friend makes some sort of comment or status update that makes you wonder “What’s wrong?”, “What […]

Facebook and Privacy and Passwords and Deactivating Accounts

As usual, when a social media network makes change in how it handles privacy settings, there’s been a kafuffle over Facebook’s recent privacy changes. I was nosing around the new privacy settings, and noticed something that I consider obnoxious: even though I was already logged into my account, I had to enter my password again […]

Instant Messaging Efficiency

Dan Benjamin at Hivelogic wrote a nice article about effectively using your “Away” message when instant messaging. Here’s two other things that I think is necessary for efficient IM communications Ask Your Question, Don’t Ask to Ask Don’t say hello and wait for someone to respond; just ask your question. Don’t ever say “Hey, are […]

Twitter: Search Malfunctioning, Users Missing

I use Twitter [I’m adamjury there, surprise surprise] for a lot of things; keeping in touch with friends, following news, helping random people with graphic design and technology issues, watching people talk about stuff I work on, and promoting my work and myself in general. So I was kind of bummed to realize, last night, […]