Beyond the Storm: Shadows of the Big Easy Released

The Print on Demand version of Beyond the Storm: Shadows of the Big Easy is now out. It’s $19.99, and all proceeds [beyond expenses that have to go to LuLu for using their service] go to the Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina disaster relief. A PDF version is also available for $10. Beyond the Storm: […]

‘Zine editor Ninjalicious passes away

Ninjalicious, best known for his work on the urban exploration ‘zine Infiltration has passed away at the age of 31. Just before passing, he completed work on Access All Areas, a 350 page book on urban exploration. If you’re interested in urban exploration — or think it may be useful for your Shadowrun campaign — […]

2005 Ennie Nominations

The Ennie nominations are now online. Very pleased to see Dreaming Cities [which I art directed] nominated for Best Interior Art, and it’s also good to see Authority and Ex Machina nominated for Best Cover Art, plus a best Production Values for Authority. Some other cool stuff I like was nominated, too — for […]

Tiger 10.4.2

Dear Apple, I don’t have time to install 10.4.2 today, but I would like to thank you in advance: If iChat is logged in to your AIM account in Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.4.1, logging in to the same account on a different computer disconnects the Tiger computer without warning—this update adds a preference […]

Tiger, Part 2

As a brief followup to my initial impressions on Tiger: They’ve added a dimensions field to the preview pane, which is something I wanted under 10.3. Unfortunately it doesn’t show the resolution of the image. I’ve messed around with how I invoke Dashboard — now I use the bottom-left corner as the “Active Corner”, combined […]

The Next Generation

Over at DrunkenBlog, drunkenbatman has posted pictures of a family wearing The Cow masks. [For those of you who don’t read DB, this article gives the history of The Cow.] And the latest post, with the — both cute and scary — pictures of the family wearing the cow mask, forces me to ask the […]

OS X Tiger

So, I finally got around to snagging Tiger last night. I made myself promise that I wouldn’t install it until after I cleaned my living room, and sure enough, two hours later I had a clean living room. I did an “Archive and Install”, and an hour after putting the vacuum cleaner away, I was […]

Publication List

Sept, 2016: Up-to-date. This publication list does not include upcoming projects. It also doesn’t include projects where I did not do a great deal of work but was credited anyway, nor does it include catalogs, ads, ebook conversions, or other small projects. If you are interested in hiring me for design/layout work or receiving the […]