Upgrade & Update

Just upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.7—I’ve been playing with the beta version on a site I have in development, and it’s really great. Personal-work-wise, I’ve been pretty busy with that new site, and hope to launch it early next year … I was hoping for this month, but that’s just not going to happen, […]

eBay: Donkey Show

I registered for eBay in September, 1998. I do not buy on eBay often, but … damn, I’ve had that account for nearly 10 years. So last week I decided I wanted to sell something for the first time. I wrote up a blurb, took some pictures, went through the web forms and bam! an […]

Uploading Files over the Web Sucks

Unless your web service processes the file after it’s uploaded and gives the uploader instant and useful feedback on whether that file is valid or not [like companies such as PsPrint do, or like most “Web 2.0” services do], please, for the love of all that is nice and easy, allow your customers to upload […]

New Art Book from Charm School == yummy!

I pre-ordered my copy of Krysztof Nemeth’s upcoming second book of pin-up art over the weekend. Krysztof is an awesome guy and his art is sassy and sexy. He has a nice deal going where if you order both books, you’ll get them for a total price of $50, or $10 off buying each title […]


Well, it’s that time of year, which means I spent two whole days without working on anything — aside from a brief mid-afternoon discussion on Christmas afternoon about playtesting something we’re working on at Catalyst Game Labs. I’ve been pretty busy for all of December [and, really, since Catalyst became a go!] and so it […]

Site Update

I upgraded WordPress and updated to a slightly-hacked-up version of HemingwayEX today. There are a few things I had working on my home test server that aren’t quite working here yet, but I was in the mood to web-tinker so I figured it was better to get this online while I had the time and […]