My Friends and Their Kids

I went out for dinner with a couple friends last week during NeonCon, and on the walk back from the restaurant, the discussion turned to their children. Both of them have a couple kids, some of them old enough to have started gaming. The discussion went back and forth until one of them said "Whoah, […]

Early experiences with short fiction via Amazon Kindle

(Edits: I removed the word ‘fair’ from my post and replaced it with ‘reasonable,’ which I think is a better term and doesn’t present such a moral implication, and I added two notes: about DRM and Disclosure.) Posthuman Studios publishes a few pieces of short fiction via Amazon’s Kindle service (Well, technically one piece—the second […]

Don’t Ask: “Would you consider?”

Often, a fan phrases a question towards a company in this manner: “Would you consider releasing this book as a hardback?” or “Have you considered releasing a fiction anthology?” Please don’t ask questions in this manner. You’re trying to ask a question about the end results but the question you are actually asking is about […]

Wired app for iPad

Not quite living in the future, but the Wired app for the iPad is really cool. There’s a few little tweaks that would make it even better. I hope that since each issues is an app on its own (or at least, that appears to be the model they’re going for) that it will be […]

Life Hack: Remove your Headphones and Say Hello

I’m travelling today; the typical jaunt of 4 airports and 3 flights to get from my hometown to one of my usual destinations: Chicago, for some business meetings. It’s been a few years since I’ve spent any time in Chicago, and 5 full days in the city is simply too short. But this post is […]

Marco and Tiff on ebook readers

I love this post by Marco Arment about ebook readers, particularly this tidbit: Tiff plowed through more than 20 books on the Kindle. At one point in the middle, she read a book on paper (because it wasn’t available on the Kindle) and absolutely hated it. Her commentary was priceless: she couldn’t easily look up […]

Further Piracy Thoughts

Here’s a few more bullet points from the Things I Think About Piracy department, as a followup to ICv2, Gaming Book Piracy, Quality of News. Most of this addresses “media” piracy; software piracy is a whole different kettle of fish, I think, as you can profit from using pirated software. I don’t think piracy is […]

ICv2, Gaming Book Piracy, Quality of News

ICv2 is one of the last sites that report on the hobby gaming industry in a general way. By general, I mean they don’t have a specific focus—they don’t cover just indie games, or just CCGs, etc. This week, ICv2 published the following article: Change Roiling Book Business. The second part of this article talks […]

MechaCon V

I had an absolute blast at MechaCon V this past weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out to my panels, and to the MechaCon staff and volunteers for inviting me and treating me so well all weekend. If you attended any of my panels and want to drop me a comment or an email, please […]

Adam Jury at MechaCon, July 24th-26th

I’ll be the gaming guest of honor at MechaCon (site plays loud sound effects) in Lafayette, Louisiana, July 24th-26th. I’ll be doing a couple panels/seminars — about Shadowrun’s 20th Anniversary, cyberpunk gaming, and working in the game industry. I’ll also be spending some time relaxing and hanging out at the show, but I’d be totally […]