I’m using Twitter more

Just a FYI that I’ve been using Twitter more lately. My account is I’m finding it a fun way to be social and silly with friends who I’m not often in touch with over phone or IM, and I’m actually meeting some totally random and new people over it. For Macheads, Twitterrific is the […]

Champions Online!

Alright, enough depressing stuff. Cryptic Studios has just posted the first trailer of Champions Online, the upcoming [Spring 2009] superhero MMORPG using the Champions universe. This is exciting stuff on a few fronts — the game is supposed to be fast-playing, and you have the ability to not only customize your hero and his powers […]

More News about Gen Con LLC bankruptcy filing

A few excerpts from This year, Gen Con Indy is expected to attract 25,000 attendees who will spend more than $25 million on lodging and entertainment. So the average Gen Con Indy attendee spends about $1000 dollars over the entire convention. That seems a little high to me, based on the number of times […]

More lawsuits: White Wolf/CCP vs. World Wrestling Entertainment

This is totally not going to become a legal blog, but hey, this one combines two of my major interests: gaming and wrestling. White Wolf/CCP is suing World Wrestling Entertainment, claiming that they continued to use the Gangrel wrestler/character [which WWE initially licensed from White Wolf years ago, after White Wolf complained that they were […]

More on Gen Con LLC

Writing and Parenting Machine Matt Forbeck has some analysis of what’s going on with Gen Con Indy and Gen Con LLC. I’ve been super busy this weekend with a probably-not-about-to-be-secret-for-much-longer project, so I haven’t had much time to keep up with the public reaction to this announcement. I’m still looking forward to the Best Four […]

Gen Con LLC files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

from SEATTLE (February 15, 2008) Gen Con LLC announced today that it has filed for Chapter 11 protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the State of Washington. This action became necessary as a result of significant unforeseen expenses associated with attempts to expand its core business to encompass externally licensed events. Gen […]

Gen Con LLC sued by LucasFilm LLC

Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter, Esq broke the news on January 14th that LucasFilm was suing Gen Con, LLC. This news didn’t make it to the gaming world until a few days ago in February, when GamingReport picked it up and other sites began discussing it. Unfortunately, The Reporter’s summary of the lawsuit [which […]

Smith & Tinker acquires electronic gaming license for ex-FASA properties

A lot of people are happy about Jordan Weisman’s new venture Smith & Tinker acquiring the electronic licenses for ex-FASA Corporation properties [such as Shadowrun, Classic BattleTech, and Crimson Skies], leading to a lot of speculation about future MMORPGs or alternate reality games. I think the smart money is some sort of alternate reality game/experience; […]