Found Items

I found this note inside the 3rd Edition “Book of Erotic Fantasy” in a Borders book store in Friendship Heights. [I did not buy the book.]

The latest Gen Con LLC updates

Trask over at Living Dice has posted the most recent news about Gen Con LLC’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing, including a nice summary and some of the documents themselves. In short, Gen Con LLC has come up with a plan to pay back their debts, and the creditors have until the end of December to […]

Paul Tevis ransoming 4 episodes of Have Games Will Travel

Game podasting demon Paul Tevis is currently using the ransom model to release 4 episodes of his podcast, Have Games Will Travel: For a Few Games More. These four episodes are already recorded and will be released once a week for a month if Paul reaches his very modest goal, using the Fundable pledging service. […]

Review: Things We Think About Games

Things We Think About Games is the first book published by Gameplaywright Press, a joint effort between game industry veterans Will Hindmarch [who I consider a good friend] and Jeff Tidball [who I have met once, a few years back … in the middle of a discussion about television cooking shows, not a subject that […]

ENnie Awards Voting!

Voting in the ENnie Awards is now open. The publisher I work for, Catalyst Game Labs, is nominated for Fan Choice Best Publisher, and the Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules — the best RPG Quick-Start Rules ever, you know! — are up for Best Free Product.

D&D Fourth Edition

One of the nice things about being friends with someone who works part-time at my friendly local gaming store: the D&D Fourth Edition books were delivered to my door yesterday, and I got to support my FLGS with the purchase. I haven’t had time to do more than flip through the books yet, but I’m […]

Gen Con LLC Bankruptcy Documents

Living Dice has posted a document from Gen Con’s LLC bankruptcy filing. I haven’t really looked over the document and Living Dice says there may be more and updated documents available, but they didn’t dig them up.

GAMA Trade Show

Got back to Seattle last night from the GAMA Trade Show. We had a good time in Vegas, and a very productive show for Catalyst Game Labs — we heard a lot of good things about our current product lines, and a very positive response to the new games that we’ll be releasing later this […]

Stocking Books Sells Books

Last month I asked my local game store to order me a copy of Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition. I had read Savage Worlds years ago and wasn’t too interested in it, but with the relative popularity it still enjoys and the low price I figured I should give it a second chance. On the 6th […]