Gen Con Attendance Tips

I haven’t updated my Gen Con tips this year; I intended to, but it simply hasn’t happened. Last year’s tips should still be useful, though: Part 1: Before the Show! Part 2: At the Show Part 3: Looking for Work See you at the show!

ENnies Award Voting 2010

Voting for the 2010 ENnie Awards is now open. I can’t deny that this year’s ENNie Award nominations aren’t a little bittersweet after the events of earlier this year. Projects that I worked on are well-represented, and the great number of worthy entrants in every categories indicate something that has been true for a long […]

DriveThruRPG Updating PDFs for iPad Compatability

As many people with an iPad know, the PDF libraries included with it are written by Apple, not Adobe, and they don’t support all PDF feature perfectly. They’ve been working with freelance designers, myself included, to rid these PDFs of glitches (as much as you can when not always having access to the files used […]

Eclipse Phase is Origins Award RPG of the Year

Eclipse Phase was just voted the Best RPG of the Year at the Origins Awards. To say that I am pleased, after all the hard work that went into this game, after all the business kerfuffles over the last few months, and considering the competition —well, I am very pleased. Eclipse Phase is a complete […]

I’d Rather be Working than Spinning

I wrote this post over on Dumpshock in response to praise on how Posthuman Studios is handling the ceasing of our business dealings with Catalyst Game Labs, and I’m echoing it here: Y’know what’s work? Spin. Y’know what I’d rather do than spin something? Other work. Some crappy stuff happened, so we’ll do what we […]

Not All Gamers are Plugged In

One of the common misconceptions about gamers is that they’re all plugged in—they’re all on the internet, they all read forums and keep up with publisher’s blogs, they subscribe to podcasts and know what’s being released when. This is hogwash. There are many gamers that don’t get news from anyplace except their local gaming store, […]

How to Ask Smart Questions about Games

Eric S. Raymond of The Cathedral and the Bazaar fame also maintains a FAQ/guide on How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. I find it a useful document and have read it several times over the years, but it’s steeped in Open Source and code-hacking culture. Even though it’s aimed at non-technical users seeking answers […]

Interviewed at Dicecast

I was interviewed for Polymancer’s DiceCast at FanExpo this year, and that episode just went live. The audio quality isn’t great—we were recording inside the convention hall after it closed for the day—but it’s still totally listenable. I talk about my role at Catalyst, Eclipse Phase, and offer some advice on breaking into the game […]

Zendikar Intro Packs: Bought White, Pulled Black

Short version: I opened one of the White Zendikar Intro Packs and aside from the white foil card being correct, the rest were the Black Intro Pack cards! Long version: I recently got back into playing Magic: The Gathering. It seems that a lot of people have had their interest rekindled lately, and my local […]