Introducing Freon Skies

Last week, I released the first installment of Freon Skies, my Modern Cyberpunk Plus line of game supplements. It’s called Nice Things the Organleggers Left Behind, and it’s some guidelines for integrating Organleggers into your campaigns, plus a giant ole d100 random list of things you might find at an abandoned hideout for organleggers, nicely subdivided into smaller topical lists — Electronics, Disturbing & Odd, Body Parts, etc.

Nice Things the Organleggers Left Behind is on both DriveThruRPG and as a 4-page PDF.

What is Freon Skies?

I like cyberpunk-genre stuff, both the modern more transhumanist takes on the genre, and the more traditional 80s-style. And I’ve worked on a … bit … of cyberpunk material in the past, but always in other universes. I loved it, but working in-and-amongst a large amount of canon material is different from starting from scratch, laying down some core concepts, and then seeing what happens when you Just Write. Freon Skies includes optional Mutants & Magic themes — one of my inspirations was the idea of “Cyberpunk Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Beyond that, I wanted to make cyberpunk material that set aside or twisted the cyberpunk concepts that no longer resonate — the prime one being that body/mind modifications make a person “less human” or “disconnected from reality” in any way. That trope can stay in the 80s.

Freon Skies releases will be intermittent at first, some in the style of a little bit of source material + a big random list, and others being more source material focused. There is, as of now, no canon Freon Skies setting. The supplements are designed to be dropped into other cyberpunk-genre games, and their material can also find a home in urban fantasy and some modern-day campaigns as well!

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