Eclipse Phase, Second Edition

I’m so fucking proud of this book and the hard work that everyone put into it to make it happen. And so fucking thankful for our Kickstarter backers and other supporters, most notably my spouse Nora Jury-Last, who has provided so much every step of the way.


When we announced it one of the selling points was the “spread-based layout” — where we re-organized and re-wrote the book to fit related concepts all on the same spreads, or series of spreads for longer topics. It’s an important feature, but it wasn’t a splashy thing — one of our partners outright questioned whether it was even worth mentioning in advance. I believed that it was, partially because by announcing it, it would hold our feet to the fire to do it. It was a great choice. Now that people have the book or PDF and can see and interact with it, there’s been a ton of positive feedback. And I think this is just … Level 2. There’s more to explore in tabletop layouts that are both more regimented and that don’t subscribe to the typical “you gotta do this” techniques and patterns that have been so common over the years.

0Click for Preview PDF!

I’m excited for people to see and play EP2, and even more excited to keep making new stuff and evolving it. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve released a 59-page preview so you can see the entire introductory chapter and the first two pages of every chapter, plus some sample characters!

The pre-order period has just closed, but you can download EP2 today, and we already have some sweet support projects released, including our first three Nano Ops — two page scenarios for introductory play.

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