5ive on Friday: Things I Did This Week

Every Friday, a list of five things: 5ive on Friday. Quickly bashed out, designed to start not finish conversations.

Things I Did This Week

It’s been a busy week!

  1. Moved into my new office space: This has been a weeklong process, a few things each day, culminating with my new monitor arriving on Friday, so I can finally boot up my Mac Pro for the first time in three months, which leads to …
  2. … currently downloading 7,000+ dropbox files from the last three months to my Mac Pro.
  3. Posthuman Studios released Infinite & Indivisible, the Scott Fox ambient soundtrack for Eclipse Phase. It’s so fucking great, I’ve been listening to it a ton since Scott turned the files over to us and I’m more in love with it than ever.
  4. Worked on the schedule and other resources for the Posthuman Summit, our yearly gathering to go over our schedule, brainstorm new ideas, reflect on the last year, and eat some good food. I leave next Thursday for it, and I’m excited to see the gang and the autumn Chicago weather.
  5. Kickstarter/BackerKit tech/customer support. It never ends!

What did you do?

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