Dwimmermount Preview and Kickstarter!

It's going to be the most elegant and epic heavy metal dungeon crawl ever, isn't it? It's like a 3-hour Kirk Hammett guitar solo sending the party to war with the power of a hundred bards!1 Hell yes!

Several years ago I sent James Maliszewski the above, as I asked him if I could work on the eventual publication of Dwimmermount, his long in-progress megadungeon campaign.

And now that's reality. James is working with the folks at Autarch, creators of Adventurer Conqueror King, to run the Kickstarter campaign and project manage Dwimmermount.

We are late into the Kickstarter campaign; it ends on Saturday, April 14th. And the campaign has reached the initial funding goal and three bonus goals, but we'd be very happy for more funding in these last few hours so we can push to make the book even better!

We're still tweaking the graphic design of the book (most notably, some icons to help convey info in the sidebar), but here's a two page preview of Level 1: The Path of Mavors. James has also posted a different preview of the same chapter on Grognardia. Check them out, let us know what you think, and remember: the Dwimmermount Kickstarter finishes on Saturday the 14th of April! As I post this, 30 hours to go!

1. I am not one of those "Heavy Metal is the music of D&D" guys … but neither is James, so that made it funny to me. To me.


  1. It looks great, overall – I’m really looking forward to getting hold of it when it’s finished! I have a few small suggestions:-

    You sometimes have an indented first line on a second paragraph (for example, in room 5). Can I vote against this, please? The space between the paras is enough to distinguish them , I feel.

    When a column has a heading (i.e. a room name) at the top, this makes it sit lower than the adjacent, heading-less, column. Can this be adjusted so that the tops of the columns are level?

    Finally, I wonder if the overall appearance might be improved if the stat blocks were indented just a little bit from the left?

    Thanks for this great preview!

    • Hanrahan, the headers at top of columns appear that way because they adhere to a baseline grid.

      Second-and-following paragraph indents almost certainly will stay indented, but they will be made consistent, for sure.

      Stat blocks are up for tweaking, though, I’m pondering some alternate approaches for them as I take in all the various layout feedback I’ve heard.

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