Thousand Suns Rulebook Cover

James Maliszewski posted up the cover of the new Thousand Suns Rulebook today, and it’s already received some nice praise. We’ve been working on this project for a long time, and I’m super-pleased to help take Thousand Suns to the next level, and to help launch James’ new company Grognardia Games with it.

James describes Thousand Suns thus: Thousand Suns is basically Poul Anderson and H. Beam Piper the Roleplaying Game, but with 21st century special effects.

The PDF and POD editions (hardcover and softcover) of Thousand Suns will be rocking out soon, and when more preview material is available I’ll be sure to let you know!

TS Softcover Softcover Final


  1. I would have never thought that stars on a green background would work.

    But that’s a jump off the shelf in gamer’s hands cover.

  2. Such a perfect retro-nostalgic design! It reminds me of the sci-fi pocket books I used to take from my father’s bookshelf to read.

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