Not quite living in the future, but the Wired app for the iPad is really cool. There's a few little tweaks that would make it even better. I hope that since each issues is an app on its own (or at least, that appears to be the model they're going for) that it will be easy for them to incrementally improve it each issue perhaps until they feel they can release it as an app with in-app purchases for each new issue?

Custom Table of Contents

I want to tag some article as interesting, and I also want to mark an article as "Read and Not Wanting to Re-read," essentially creating a second Table of Contents with just the stuff I want to re-read, the stuff I haven't read, and none of the stuff I've already read. And yes, after I've looked at it, I'd like to be able to mark ads as "Not Wanting to Re-read."

(In print magazines, I often rip out and throw away pages if they contain an ad on both the front and the back. I buy things to read, not to fetishize.)

Hop to Web Article

I want a quick way to get a hyperlink for the web version of any particular article, so I can send it to a friend.

Better Escaping from Animated Content

Invaders of Mars has a cool animation, but once it's swirling the double-tap to stop it is kind of strange: it stops the animation and performs the "bring up menu items" action as well. I think I'd prefer a single tap on the same hot spot that started the animation.


I want to try and type the answer into the puzzle!