My Friends and Their Kids

I went out for dinner with a couple friends last week during NeonCon, and on the walk back from the restaurant, the discussion turned to their children. Both of them have a couple kids, some of them old enough to have started gaming. The discussion went back and forth until one of them said "Whoah, we’re probably boring Adam, sorry dude."

And I said, essentially: "Hell no. Your kids are an important part of your life, and I am your friend. Therefore, I want to and need to hear about your kids."

And that needs to be repeated loud and clear for my many other friends who weren’t walking down the hallway of the Tropicana at the time: I don’t want children of my own, but I want to hear about the cool, funny, and wonderful things your kids do, and that you do together.

The happiness I see in my friends-who-are-parents is wonderful and most Wacky Kid Hijinx amuses me—especially when they are roughly 4-8 years old and get really quotable, IMO.

I’d prefer to still hear about you, too—I don’t want my friend replaced by my friend’s child—but alternately I also don’t want my friends to fade away because they feel they can’t talk to me about an important part of their life.


  1. That’s a perfectly lovely sentiment, and a delight to read. I’m always aware of my friends-without-kids, and as much as I adore my kiddo, I don’t want to drown them in a torrent of adoration for my son. Unfortunately, most friends-without-kids DO get bored when hearing about kids, cuz they don’t understand. So thanks for speaking up. I’ll be a little more free about sharing the funny stuff, knowing I’m not going to bore you to tears. 🙂

  2. Adam – Great post. It is good to know that folks without kids on’t mind hearing about our kids. – Doug

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