I want someone to start an Eclipse Phase fanzine. Over the last few years, posts on weblogs and message boards have largely replaced the fan or semipro 'zine, and as someone who really got into gaming fandom by running a Shadowrun fanzine, I think that running a fanzine is really fun and can provide you with useful experience for future work in publishing.

By a fanzine, I mean: a publication that comes out somewhat regularly and contains a variety of articles and content (adventures, alternate rules, fiction, setting material, etc.) from different authors/artists, with an editor or team of editors that work to make the material consistent in technical quality (editing and presentation, in other words.) I prefer 'zines that come in a single file— a PDF or maybe, now, an ePub or some other format. But there's no reason why it couldn't be purely web-based, which offers advantages and disadvantages that anyone somewhat knowledgable already knows.

(Edit: Blogs are fine—but I tend to think that blogs are more "fragile" than a more tangible/"single-file" publication. Problems with a web host, blogging software, or other technical hiccups can destroy the entire history of a blog. PDFs will stick around forever on people's hard drives. In 1998 they would have stuck around on mirror sites—now they will stick around on torrents.

However, one important factor in something being a "'zine", in my eyes, is multiple contributors (a relatively open submission process), with an editor to tie things together.)

Why Making a Fanzine is Rewarding:

  • You get to build an audience, community, and friendships.
  • You gain experience as an editor/developer/probably jack of all trades.
  • You get to see cool stuff that other people have made, and help them make it better.

Why Making an Eclipse Phase Fanzine is even better:

  • Eclipse Phase is Creative Commons licensed. It's easy to not step on Posthuman Studio's toes, legally. Heck, you can even use and expand on our material, using our text and art to supplement yours!
  • The Eclipse Phase universe is wide open. There's tons of room to build fan material that is easily usable in many people's campaigns.
  • Doing cool fan stuff is, in hobby gaming, one of the best ways to get noticed as an up-and-coming creator.

Fame, fortune, exposure, hard work—what more could you want?