eBook Piracy

Attributor, an "anti-piracy solutions" (I\’m already LOLing) company, says there are "1.5-3 million daily Google queries for pirated e-books" and "54 percent increase in pirated e-book demand since August 2009."

Eric Hellman says Attributor eBook Piracy Numbers Don\’t Add Up.

Richard Curtis of ereads.com page says: "So, even if one is willing to grant that Attributor based its claim on ambiguous stats, we still believe with bedrock certainty that piracy represents the Number One threat to the success of the digital book industry. You can knock your knuckles on that one until they bleed, we wont change our minds."

And that is the difference between believing in the inherent good of people vs. the inherent bad. More people reading ebooks is more people buying ebook readers and in the end more people buying ebooks.

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  1. It’s impossible NOT to find eBook piracy links in any search for eBooks. Do a search for any book title, and append either PDF or ePub to the search, and BINGO; you’re now searching for pirated materials, even if you’re not. That tells me the legitimate book publishers haven’t done enough to promote their “legal” material, and the pirates are doing the leg-work to put out electronic versions of their books.

    [insert standard running Linux, can’t download any fucking ePub DRM books even if I wanted to, save for Baen books]

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