Short version: I opened one of the White Zendikar Intro Packs and aside from the white foil card being correct, the rest were the Black Intro Pack cards!

Long version: I recently got back into playing Magic: The Gathering. It seems that a lot of people have had their interest rekindled lately, and my local game store has been stepping up the Friday Night Magic events, so I've grabbed some cards and played in my first tournament over the last week. The tournament was an Ironman draft using older cards, and I won in the first round before being quickly eliminated in the second. After claiming my booster pack prize, I picked up a few of the Zendikar Intro Packs so a friend and I could quickly play on Saturday. Having heard the talk of how good the Black Rise of the Vamires deck was, I bought it, along with the White Kor Armory and Blue/Green Unstable Terrain packs.

All the foil cards were correct. However, my White deck actually contained the shrink-wrapped set of Black cards; so I ended up with two Black decks, and a trip back to the game store after playing a few rounds of Black vs Blue/Green to acquire a White deck. This one, I opened in the store to be sure I was getting what I was looking for!