I love this post by Marco Arment about ebook readers, particularly this tidbit:

Tiff plowed through more than 20 books on the Kindle. At one point in the middle, she read a book on paper (because it wasn’t available on the Kindle) and absolutely hated it. Her commentary was priceless: she couldn’t easily look up word definitions, she couldn’t change the font size, it was awkward and lopsided to hold near the beginning and end, and it would lose her place if she fell asleep while reading.

My ebook reader [a Sony PRS505] is awesome. Not only is it useful for work-related reading [I often put manuscripts on it so I can read away from the computer and can't fiddle with them as I read,] but it has increased the amount of overall leisure time I spend reading, as I'm more in the habit of reading—long form—than I have been in years, both electronic and print.