Adam Jury at MechaCon, July 24th-26th

I’ll be the gaming guest of honor at MechaCon (site plays loud sound effects) in Lafayette, Louisiana, July 24th-26th. I’ll be doing a couple panels/seminars — about Shadowrun’s 20th Anniversary, cyberpunk gaming, and working in the game industry. I’ll also be spending some time relaxing and hanging out at the show, but I’d be totally happy to meet up with and hang out with any Shadowrun and Catalyst fans who are going to be at the convention.

There’s also some Shadowrun games being run at the show, of course!

I’ll post exact times to my official appearances at the show closer to the actual date.

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  1. Wish I could’ve made it to MechaCon – right in my backyard on a weekend when I’m working out of town. I’m a long-time fan of your work, all the way back to the Shadowrun Supplemental and through BESM to Catalyst.

    Do come back down this way next year. I mean come on, it’s in New Orleans. 😀

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