Treasure Chest on Facebook

My friendly local game store, Treasure Chest in Lethbridge, Alberta, has been relatively low-tech for a long time. They don\'t have a website, but they\'re on the web with a new Facebook group now. The store moved last year to a bigger and better location right next door to the old one, with a distinct play area and a nicer layout. I don\'t get to hit the store as much as I\'d like, but I\'m happy to see it growing and improving even in these tight times for hobby gaming.

I do not work for or own Treasure Chest. Please do not email me to buy anything, sell anything, etc. Go to the Facebook group, please.


  1. hi where is the current store located what is the hours for wed and do they carry magic the gathering cards and warhammer 40k? thanks

  2. Hey sigourney: Treasure Chest is at 1506-2 Ave. S., Lethbridge, and the phone is 403-320-6055. They carry Magic but the only Warhammer they have right now is used, I believe. Wednesday hours are 11:30am to 5:30pm.

    If you’re looking for anything specific, you can hit the Facebook group and ask. I’m assuming you’re from out of town, so mention that!

    • hey Braedan, sorry for the late reply. Yes, they do sell some model railroad stuff, but not very much of it.

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