I pre-ordered my copy of Krysztof Nemeth's upcoming second book of pin-up art over the weekend. Krysztof is an awesome guy and his art is sassy and sexy. He has a nice deal going where if you order both books, you'll get them for a total price of $50, or $10 off buying each title individually.

I've seen most [if not all] of the art that's going into this book, and it's great stuff. Having a copy on my shelf so I can flick through it whenever I like or hand it over to friends is much better than browsing it online, though; so come May, I'll be camped by my mailbox waiting for it.

[Hmm, I suspect my blog template won't like an image taller than the post itself, so I might just ramble on here a little bit. Future blog topics will include my review of Apple's Time Capsule, perhaps some talking about customer service in the hobby game industry, some stuff from my upcoming trip to Seattle, and hey, after the GAMA Trade Show in April, I'll be able to talk about Catalyst Game Labs' new games!]