MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

The battery in my MacBook Pro had been sucking lately: down to about 1:30 of battery life, and sometimes, after a full charge, as low as 20 minutes. Letting it drain a little bit and then re-charging it would bring it back up to 1:30, but still, for a 10 month old battery, that’s not cool.

I landed in Seattle this morning, and after Air Canada lost my luggage [still hasn’t been found] we went to IHOP and then the Apple store in Lynnwood. There was a bit of a wait for the Genius Bar, but the genius immediately said that my battery was totally out of whack and would be replaced for free, and less than 10 minutes later I had a brand new battery and was outta there. Awesome service.

However … it looks like putting a new battery in my machine re-enabled Safe Sleep, which I go through a lot of work to snuff out like the plague it is. Very minor though, and the service I got at the Apple store was great. Plus, I got to fondle a new iMac and a Mac Pro, and now I want them both.

Also, I want my luggage back. My hair gel is in there! C’mon, Air Canada, help a guy out.

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