Champions Online!

Alright, enough depressing stuff. Cryptic Studios has just posted the first trailer of Champions Online, the upcoming [Spring 2009] superhero MMORPG using the Champions universe. This is exciting stuff on a few fronts — the game is supposed to be fast-playing, and you have the ability to not only customize your hero and his powers but his archenemy and his powers. Awesome! There’s a trailer for the game available now:

In very related news, Hero Games, the publishers of Champions and the HERO System have announced new editions of both the HERO System rules and the Champions setting, to be released in 2009.

With all the supers news I wrestled with City of Heroes a bit to get it reinstalled, and finagled a short renewal of my account. I haven’t played since late 2004, so I’m totally behind the state of the art, and I really only have a couple hours a week to play computer games, so I suspect I’m just going to play casually for a month and then let it lapse again.

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