Smith & Tinker acquires electronic gaming license for ex-FASA properties

A lot of people are happy about Jordan Weisman’s new venture Smith & Tinker acquiring the electronic licenses for ex-FASA Corporation properties [such as Shadowrun, Classic BattleTech, and Crimson Skies], leading to a lot of speculation about future MMORPGs or alternate reality games. I think the smart money is some sort of alternate reality game/experience; since Microsoft still appears to own the electronic gaming rights and is merely licensing them to Smith & Tinker, I doubt S&T would be investing in a MMORPG, especially given the current [known] size of their team and their MMORPG experience.

Great to see that Shadowrun’s electronic rights have gone to a team that understands that there are 5 major metahuman races in the Sixth World, though!

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