“Deep Sleep” on MacBook Pros

My MacBook Pro has an "alleged" deep sleep mode. I say alleged, because the sleeping part of it seems to be SO DEEP that it never ever wants to wake up. I like to sleep, too, so I empathize a little bit with Lord when he never wants to wake up, but eventually, I need him to work, and have to give him a hard shake on the shoulder — and even after that, he’s still really groggy. What to do?

So here’s the situation: The laptop goes into deep sleep for some reason [last night I left it running on battery power and I fell asleep without putting it to regular sleep]. When I need to wake it up from deep sleep, I tap the power button. It shows the "grey and blurred" version of what was last displayed, with the odd little progress bar at the bottom. The progress bar grows until it disappears, and the display returns to normal. However, nothing works — I can’t raise/lower the screen brightness, move the mouse cursor, type, or do anything. It just sits there.

Am I missing some sort of magic trick that must be done here in order to fully restore my session? Do I need to wait for longer than 5 minutes or so?

What I end up doing is hard-restarting the computer. It sits for ages on the grey screen with animated circle-thing — at least 3 minutes, an eternity in today’s computing world! — and then goes into the normal boot sequence. When it finishes booting, things are as normal, but all that extra booting time doesn’t seem to mean a thing, as it’s not restoring all the contents of my RAM; I just get a normal boot.

OSX 10.4.10 on a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Book Pro with 4GB of RAM.

[Edit: This is my first post to Talkin’ About using Red Sweater Software’s MarsEdit 2, and it’s pretty swish so far. Looking forward to exploring it a bit more!]

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