GenCon 2006 was tons of awesome. In brief:

  • FanPro had our largest booth ever, shared with Iron Wind Metals, and we also had a couple of the Virtual World Entertainment BattleTech pods there. We got to talk to a ton of fans, and ran a successful instance of our "Booth Runner" game for the second year in a row.
  • We had awesome sales of our new products, including Street Magic for Shadowrun and Total Warfare for Classic BattleTech.
  • Total Warfare looks really, really awesome. It's so gratifying to see something that we worked so hard on come out in a virtually flawless manner. The hardcopy is gorgeous, the best-looking book FanPro has ever done, and it totally brings Classic BattleTech up to -- and maybe above -- the production values of other modern miniature games.
  • Shadowrun, Fourth Edition had brisk sales and won two ENnie Awards, for Best Rules and Best Product.
  • We promoted Degenesis as much as possible, with limited resources, and a lot of people seem enthusiastic about it.
  • Our Dodgeball team won two 3AM games, including a victory over the White Wolf team.
  • We had great service and fabulous rooms at the Hilton, had some good meals, productive meetings, and good times during the evening.
  • Guardians of Order's A Game of Thrones RPG got a bunch of 2nd place ENnies -- and deserved first place in at least one, but was almost certainly hurt by GoO's lack of support for the game over the year.

A super successful show!