The Next Generation

Over at DrunkenBlog, drunkenbatman has posted pictures of a family wearing The Cow masks. [For those of you who don't read DB, this article gives the history of The Cow.]

And the latest post, with the -- both cute and scary -- pictures of the family wearing the cow mask, forces me to ask the question that so many posts bring to mind: what are we doing to these poor children, blogging about them and spreading them about the 'net before they can truly comprehend it? In some ways I ask that question in jest, in other ways I'm not so sure. We already see cases of cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying amongst young people -- kids will be kids, I guess. I can see the situation amplifying in 10 years, though, today's five year olds are fifteen and searching the web to find out childhood gossip about their enemies to use against them. I can just see it now. "OMG your mom blogged about you catching your dick in your zipper when you were four! I bet you have a deformed dick! Everyone, Bobby has a deformed dick!"

I guess the solution would be not to blog, but that would be boring.

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