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So, I finally got around to snagging Tiger last night. I made myself promise that I wouldn’t install it until after I cleaned my living room, and sure enough, two hours later I had a clean living room.

I did an "Archive and Install", and an hour after putting the vacuum cleaner away, I was booting into Tiger for the first time.

First Impressions

  • Dashboard is a bit cooler than I thought. I’ve already installed DashLicious and within seconds had made a del.icio.us bookmark. Pretty neat. I haven’t spent much more time hunting around for cool widgets — from what I’ve seen a lot of them are “suck the headlines from WebSite X” widgets, which to me seems silly when I already have NetNewsWire. The World Clock widgit is also relatively useful, as you can have multiple instances of it, cued to different important time-zones. I also like SysStat, although I wish it also showed the total amount of used/available/total space on all our drives put together.
  • The new iChat has this ridiculous feature that disconnects other clients on different computers logged in with the same AIM user name. Since I often have clients connected on both my laptop and desktop — I typically chat on my laptop but want to direct file sends to my desktop — I find this feature exceptionally annoying, and I’ve already kvetched to Apple about it. I haven’t had chance to use my iSight or do any voice chatting with Tiger.
  • I haven’t used Spotlight much yet. My desktop is really focused towards production, and to a lesser extent media playing — I don’t browse the web on it much, I don’t keep email on it, I don’t have Address Book contents on it … so the value of searching it even more efficiently isn’t that valuable, when I don’t search it that often anyway. I expect Spotlight will be more interesting on my laptop, when I get around to installing Tiger on it.
  • My faux postscript printer got eaten in the install process; not sure if that was my fault or not. That probably means I’ll need to spend some time dorking around with InDesign and Quark to get them to point all my printing preferences to the “new” virtual printer, when I get around to making it. Not a big deal.
  • Not being able to turn off the “.app” extension is annoying — I pretty much need to have extensions visible, since I often have the same file with different types in the same directory [“System Failure Cover.psd” and “System Failure Cover.tif”, for example], but I sure as hell don’t need to see “Dashboard.app” and “Dictionary.app” …
  • I was very happy about the install time — within an hour of starting the install, I was back in a working OS getting work done, not tinkering with stuff to make the OS look and feel right and snappy. Not shabby!

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  1. Yeah, I had that problem with the ps printer too. Not enjoyable, but once I got Tiger installed, I was otherwise happy with it.

    *welcomes Adam to the club*

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