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Missing the Point of Twitter

Yesterday, Apple released Safari 4 Beta. Instantly, people began to cry on Twitter, because the totally awesome can’t live without it password manager 1Password didn’t get work with it.

Within a few hours, Agile Software had upgraded 1Password and pushed that version out, so it now works with Safari 4 Beta.

Then, they began the process of answering people via their twitter account, telling them about the new version. They sent out a lot of tweets to different users who didn’t follow them, so they had to use the public reply functionality, not a direct [private] message. And then someone complained:

@1Password Do you know, what a “DM” in Twitter is? -> You produce too many public replys!

And this, I say, is bullcrap. There is no “you shouldn’t send public replies” guideline on Twitter, and 1Password couldn’t send Direct Messages to many of these people because you can only send a DM to someone who follows you.

If you don’t like that someone uses Twitter to—*gasp*—actually talk to people, then don’t follow them, or use a client like TweetDeck that allows you to filter users into different categories. Twitter is many things to many different people, and you can’t expect everyone you follow to use it in the same way you do.

[I’m adamjury on Twitter.]

I have two new blogs

I had meant to launch a new blog and videocast late last year, but it got delayed for a variety of reasons, and then last week I ended up “accidentally” launching a new blog, and then today, I pre-launched the videocast blog.

The videocast blog is Dirty Words Designs, which will be about Adobe InDesign and graphic design in general. It will be a combo of videocasts and written posts with trips/tips/links/etc.

The second is Best of Three Falls, which will be about the worked gladiatorial art of pro wrestling, and the not-worked gladiatorial sport of mixed martial arts. I moved all the wrestling-related posts from this blog over to there.

Apple stuff, work stuff, and general life talk all stays here.

NetNewsWire [and more] now free!

NetNewsWire is a great RSS client for OSX. It was acquired by NewsGator in late 2005, and since then has continued to improve and be awesome-r.

And now, it’s free, along with NewsGator’s other consumer products, including a RSS client for Windows, an RSS Outlook plugin, and a RSS client for some PDA platforms. NetNewsWire creator Brent Simmons is very pleased with this new direction.

I’ve been a happy paying user of NNW since early 2005, and it’s very cool that more people will be exposed to it from now on.

Mur Lafferty’s Playing for Keeps Podcast/PDF

Playing for Keeps is the newest piece of fiction being podcasted by well-known podcaster and author Mur Lafferty. Playing for Keeps takes place in Seventh City, the birthplace of super powers, and the story of Keepsie Branson, one of the Seventh’s residents that has powers … but not enough power to be a villain or hero.

Playing for Keeps is being podcasted, distributed in PDF, and there’s also additional user-created content: a secondary podcast called Stories of the Third Wave, with more on the way. I recommend listening to the actual podcast, as Mur’s faux drunk voices always make me smile.

The Next Generation

Over at DrunkenBlog, drunkenbatman has posted pictures of a family wearing The Cow masks. [For those of you who don’t read DB, this article gives the history of The Cow.]

And the latest post, with the — both cute and scary — pictures of the family wearing the cow mask, forces me to ask the question that so many posts bring to mind: what are we doing to these poor children, blogging about them and spreading them about the ‘net before they can truly comprehend it? In some ways I ask that question in jest, in other ways I’m not so sure. We already see cases of cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying amongst young people — kids will be kids, I guess. I can see the situation amplifying in 10 years, though, today’s five year olds are fifteen and searching the web to find out childhood gossip about their enemies to use against them. I can just see it now. “OMG your mom blogged about you catching your dick in your zipper when you were four! I bet you have a deformed dick! Everyone, Bobby has a deformed dick!”

I guess the solution would be not to blog, but that would be boring.