BattleTech fans,

I have a large number of extra BattleTech books. Books that I worked hard on, books that I’m proud of. But, they are extras, and I need some cash and space in my office more than I need them.

So here’s the deal&mdashlpick a book from the list below (all full-color hardcovers, except for the coveted FedCom Civil War):

Total Warfare
Tactical Operations
Strategic Operations
25 Years of Art and Fiction
Fedcom Civil War

Email me — [email protected] (subject line: “BattleTech books” please), telling me which book you want from that list. I’ll reply to confirm that it’s still available. You then zap me $75USD via PayPal. I’ll send you the book and three other softcover BattleTech books. North American shipping included. You can send me a list of softcover books that you would like, and I’ll do my best to fill them, first come, first served.

Don’t want additional softcovers? Want more books? Make an offer!

And here’s a list of the softcovers I have:

Masters and Minions: the Starcorps Dossiers
Starterbook: Sword and Dragon
Starterbook: Wolf and Blake

Blake Ascending
Jihad Hot Spots 3072
Jihad Hot Spots 3076
Jihad Conspiracies

Record Sheets: 3039
Record Sheets: 3067
Record Sheets: MechWarrior Dark Age
Aerotech 2 Record Sheets
Aerotech 2 Revised

Handbook: Major Periphery States
Handbook: House Marik

Field Manual: Periphery
Field Manual: Updates
Field Manual: Mercenaries
Mercenaries Supplemental II
A Guide to Covert Ops
Combat Equipment
War of 3039
Miniatures Rules

Combat Operations
Interstellar Players
Brush Wars
Classic BattleTech Companion

Map Sets:

Solaris VII
Map Set 7
Compilation 2

Technical Readouts:

3055 Upgrade
3057 Revised
3058 Upgrade