Missing the Point of Twitter

February 25th, 2009 § 2 comments

Yesterday, Apple released Safari 4 Beta. Instantly, people began to cry on Twitter, because the totally awesome can’t live without it password manager 1Password didn’t get work with it.

Within a few hours, Agile Software had upgraded 1Password and pushed that version out, so it now works with Safari 4 Beta.

Then, they began the process of answering people via their twitter account, telling them about the new version. They sent out a lot of tweets to different users who didn’t follow them, so they had to use the public reply functionality, not a direct [private] message. And then someone complained:

@1Password Do you know, what a “DM” in Twitter is? -> You produce too many public replys!

And this, I say, is bullcrap. There is no “you shouldn’t send public replies” guideline on Twitter, and 1Password couldn’t send Direct Messages to many of these people because you can only send a DM to someone who follows you.

If you don’t like that someone uses Twitter to—*gasp*—actually talk to people, then don’t follow them, or use a client like TweetDeck that allows you to filter users into different categories. Twitter is many things to many different people, and you can’t expect everyone you follow to use it in the same way you do.

[I’m adamjury on Twitter.]


§ 2 Responses to Missing the Point of Twitter"

  • Monica says:

    Yeah, there’s been a little too much chatter about “how” to use the tool and not enough convo for me. There’s people even talking about what you should do for your Twitter background. Kind of annoying that there has to be “more” rules using Twitter spelled out than any forum I’ve ever been on.

  • Will says:

    We’re just in the prescriptivist phase where Twitter’s absorption into the language is leading to grammar, etiquette, and conventions. It’ll relax eventually, for the most part. Twitter, like a dialect, is so many different things to different people that individual villages are trying to assert their correctness. So it goes.

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