December 2007


Well, it’s that time of year, which means I spent two whole days without working on anything — aside from a brief mid-afternoon discussion on Christmas afternoon about playtesting something we’re working on at Catalyst Game Labs. I’ve been pretty busy for all of December [and, really, since Catalyst became a go!] and so it was nice to sit down and relax and spend some quality time with family.

I’m back at it now; working on final corrections on several books that are going off to press early in January, and starting on a book that should … should … also go to press in early January. I do like making miracles. And I’ll need to, because I have an actual vacation booked in January. It’s enough of a vacation that I’m contemplating *not* taking the laptop, and I sure as hell aren’t going to spend the hours before leaving copying work files over to it, even if I do take it.

This has been a hell of an interesting year. I hope to find some time over the next week to write a bit of a year-in-review post. Whether you’re a friend of mine, someone who stumbled onto this site via a web search, a Shadowrun or Classic BattleTech fan, or someone else entirely — I hope that 2007 was a fine year for you and that 2008 will be even better. Happy seasons!

Smith & Tinker acquires electronic gaming license for ex-FASA properties

A lot of people are happy about Jordan Weisman’s new venture Smith & Tinker acquiring the electronic licenses for ex-FASA Corporation properties [such as Shadowrun, Classic BattleTech, and Crimson Skies], leading to a lot of speculation about future MMORPGs or alternate reality games. I think the smart money is some sort of alternate reality game/experience; since Microsoft still appears to own the electronic gaming rights and is merely licensing them to Smith & Tinker, I doubt S&T would be investing in a MMORPG, especially given the current [known] size of their team and their MMORPG experience.

Great to see that Shadowrun’s electronic rights have gone to a team that understands that there are 5 major metahuman races in the Sixth World, though!

Goodbye, Leopard

I tried installing Leopard a few weeks ago on my main production machine. The machine needed a reinstall anyway, to clear up over a year’s worth of cruft, so I figured I may as well upgrade to Leopard at the same time. The first week or more was fine, and then InDesign CS2 spontaneously developed a problem — it would crash whenever the “file open/file save/etc” dialog would open. I switched over to using the “Adobe Dialog” for awhile, but that didn’t consistently fix the problem. I did the usual InDesign fixing steps: deleting preferences, making sure the drives didn’t have errors, etc. Deleting prefs would temporarily fix things, but a few hours later the problem would reoccur.

So last night I backed the drive up, reinstalled Leopard, and reinstalled just CS2 and a few other minor essential apps. It worked fine, again, for a few hours … and then it developed the exact same problem.

Leopard has been [mostly] fine and fun on my laptop, but I don’t have time to dicker around with my main production machine. It’s just not ready for my prime time: whether that’s the fault of Apple or Adobe, I don’t care. I’m reinstalling Tiger now.