In high school, I didn’t want to learn French, and in the part of Canada I come from, your choices for non-English languages are: French. So I took some other class, which probably had an educational value about as dubious as French. Now, I look at totally cool-looking french RPGs like Vermine and go “Man, not learning French was really dumb of you.”

So, really, I’m not that proud, but it does mean I can take great advantage of Monolingual for OSX, a rocking piece of freeware that will root through the language files in the system and various applications and delete the non-English ones that you choose. This little app immediately saved me over 1GB of space on both my laptop and desktop — nothing to sneeze at, especially if you like having a small boot partition.

If you try it out, be sure to read the FAQ! There’s a “gotcha” with regards to Adobe applications, but it’s one of those great gotchas that is easily worked around … if you read the FAQ.