November 2005

Midway City is Out

Midway City from Spectrum Games & Z-Man Games is one of the projects I worked on this summer, and after an odd delay where it seemed to sit at the printers while they did rain dances or something else that was time consuming but had nothing to do with getting the book printed, it’s been printed and shipped and it should be arriving in game stores late this week or early next week.

Midway city Cover

In the far future, rich eccentric Clayton Douglas creates a distant planetary colony using elements of technology and architecture from 1920s through 1940s America. Decades of increasingly corrupt and ineffectual Mayors follow Douglas’ death, eventually culminating in the administration of the tyrannical Mayor Hoodler. Hoodler creates an oppressive police state designed to ruthlessly control society, forcing total conformity to Douglas’ original vision. The characters exist in this dystopia amidst cybernetic detectives, mutant mobsters, alien-touched drug lords, vat-bred blue-collar workers, and human hybrids that can see into an alternate dimension known only as the Jade.

The Golden Years are over. Welcome to Midway City, Jack.

Since it’s been finished for awhile, the PDF has been sent around and a few reviews are already available, all on so they use the Style/Substance scale:

The website also hosts some preview and source material, most importantly the Quickstart Adventure, which includes basic rules to play a 4 player + GM adventure. There’s also a World Preview and a System Preview. Plus character sheets in the fancy and plain variety.

iChat and Quicktime and iTunes and iSights and iCan’tSeeMeOrYou

[Alternate Title: Fixing iChat when Video Breaks]

The Setup: My Dual 2GHZ G5, Master, running OSX 10.4.2. Upon installing the latest point revisions of Quicktime and iTunes, iChat 3.1 is no longer able to use my iSight for video, even though the microphone on it works just fine. I can’t initiate video chats and nobody can initiate a video chat with me. This applies to both 1 or 2 way chats. An upgrade to 10.4.3 didn’t fix this problem, and it didn’t bring me a pony, either.

The Fix: Insert my Tiger CD and reinstall iChat 3.0 overtop iChat 3.1. Instructions Here. Delete all my iChat preference files. Install or re-install the 10.4.3 Combo Update. The Combo Update is a fat-bottomed gal — over 100MB — so you should probably have coffee ready. Reboot. Re-configure iChat with your preferences. Find that hot userpic you use that looks nothing like you really do and put it back into your profile.

The End Result: You should be fixed. Err, you should have working video in iChat again. Maybe you should be fixed, too, but that’s not my call to make.

A side note: I have no conclusive proof that it was the installs of Quicktime or iTunes that broke iChat video for me, but it’s the only logical conclusion I could come to.

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