May 2005

Tiger, Part 2

As a brief followup to my initial impressions on Tiger:

  • They’ve added a dimensions field to the preview pane, which is something I wanted under 10.3. Unfortunately it doesn’t show the resolution of the image.
  • I’ve messed around with how I invoke Dashboard — now I use the bottom-left corner as the “Active Corner”, combined with the shift key. It works much more nicely and “flows” more easily than a keyboard shortcut.
  • I’ve used Spotlight a little bit more, and it’s certainly faster and more configurable than the old Find method in the Finder. Why, for the love of all that is holy, is the 10.3 Find window not resizable? If you have more than a half-dozen entries in the “Search in Specific Places” menu, you get a scroll bar, with no way to make the window bigger. Ridiculous!

The Next Generation

Over at DrunkenBlog, drunkenbatman has posted pictures of a family wearing The Cow masks. [For those of you who don’t read DB, this article gives the history of The Cow.]

And the latest post, with the — both cute and scary — pictures of the family wearing the cow mask, forces me to ask the question that so many posts bring to mind: what are we doing to these poor children, blogging about them and spreading them about the ‘net before they can truly comprehend it? In some ways I ask that question in jest, in other ways I’m not so sure. We already see cases of cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying amongst young people — kids will be kids, I guess. I can see the situation amplifying in 10 years, though, today’s five year olds are fifteen and searching the web to find out childhood gossip about their enemies to use against them. I can just see it now. “OMG your mom blogged about you catching your dick in your zipper when you were four! I bet you have a deformed dick! Everyone, Bobby has a deformed dick!”

I guess the solution would be not to blog, but that would be boring.

OS X Tiger

So, I finally got around to snagging Tiger last night. I made myself promise that I wouldn’t install it until after I cleaned my living room, and sure enough, two hours later I had a clean living room.

I did an “Archive and Install”, and an hour after putting the vacuum cleaner away, I was booting into Tiger for the first time.

First Impressions

  • Dashboard is a bit cooler than I thought. I’ve already installed DashLicious and within seconds had made a bookmark. Pretty neat. I haven’t spent much more time hunting around for cool widgets — from what I’ve seen a lot of them are “suck the headlines from WebSite X” widgets, which to me seems silly when I already have NetNewsWire. The World Clock widgit is also relatively useful, as you can have multiple instances of it, cued to different important time-zones. I also like SysStat, although I wish it also showed the total amount of used/available/total space on all our drives put together.
  • The new iChat has this ridiculous feature that disconnects other clients on different computers logged in with the same AIM user name. Since I often have clients connected on both my laptop and desktop — I typically chat on my laptop but want to direct file sends to my desktop — I find this feature exceptionally annoying, and I’ve already kvetched to Apple about it. I haven’t had chance to use my iSight or do any voice chatting with Tiger.
  • I haven’t used Spotlight much yet. My desktop is really focused towards production, and to a lesser extent media playing — I don’t browse the web on it much, I don’t keep email on it, I don’t have Address Book contents on it … so the value of searching it even more efficiently isn’t that valuable, when I don’t search it that often anyway. I expect Spotlight will be more interesting on my laptop, when I get around to installing Tiger on it.
  • My faux postscript printer got eaten in the install process; not sure if that was my fault or not. That probably means I’ll need to spend some time dorking around with InDesign and Quark to get them to point all my printing preferences to the “new” virtual printer, when I get around to making it. Not a big deal.
  • Not being able to turn off the “.app” extension is annoying — I pretty much need to have extensions visible, since I often have the same file with different types in the same directory [“System Failure Cover.psd” and “System Failure Cover.tif”, for example], but I sure as hell don’t need to see “” and “” …
  • I was very happy about the install time — within an hour of starting the install, I was back in a working OS getting work done, not tinkering with stuff to make the OS look and feel right and snappy. Not shabby!

Publication List

Sept, 2016: Up-to-date.

This publication list does not include upcoming projects. It also doesn’t include projects where I did not do a great deal of work but was credited anyway, nor does it include catalogs, ads, ebook conversions, or other small projects.

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2016 Publications

Posthuman Studios –

Reliquary Game Studios –

Evil Hat Productions –

2015 Publications

Posthuman Studios –

  • Firewall :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • Morph Recognition Cards :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • Modifier Cards :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]

Evil Hat Productions –

  • Designers & Dragons: The Platinum Appendix :: [Graphic Design]

Reliquary Game Studios –

Grognardia Games –

  • Thousand Suns: Starships Revised :: [Graphic Design]

Ryan Macklin –

2014 Publications

Posthuman Studios –

  • Shinobi Clans Card Game :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • Morph Recognition Guide :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • The Devotees :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • Zone Stalkers :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • Million Year Echo :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]

Evil Hat Productions –

  • Designers & Dragons: The 70s :: [Graphic Design]
  • Designers & Dragons: The 80s :: [Graphic Design]
  • Designers & Dragons: The 90s :: [Graphic Design]
  • Designers & Dragons: The 00s :: [Graphic Design]
  • Atomic Robo Roleplaying Game (DriveThruRPG) :: [Graphic Design, Editing]

2013 Publications

Posthuman Studios –

  • Transhuman :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]

Grognardia Games –

  • Thousand Suns: Five Stars :: [Graphic Design]

2012 Publications

Posthuman Studios –

  • Rimward :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]

2011 Publications

Posthuman Studios –

  • Gatecrashing :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • Panopticon :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • Continuity :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • Ego Hunter :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • The Stars Our Destination :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]

Grognardia Games –

  • Thousand Suns: Rulebook :: [Graphic Design]

Catalyst Game Labs –

  • Runner’s Toolkit :: [Graphic Design]

2010 Publications

Posthuman Studios –

  • Sunward :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • Eclipse Phase Gamemaster’s Pack :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • Bump in the Night :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]
  • NPC Files Volume 1: Prime :: [Graphic Design, Publisher]

Catalyst Game Labs –

  • Sixth World Almanac :: [Graphic Design]
  • Corporate Guide :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Vice :: [Graphic Design]

2009 Publications

St Martin’s Press / Smith and Tinker

  • Personal Effects: Dark Art :: [Interior Production]

Catalyst Game Labs –

  • Shadowrun, Fourth Edition, 20th Anniversary Edition :: [Game Design Team, Author, Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Eclipse Phase :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Seattle 2072 :: [Development, Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Record Sheets: 3039 :: [Layout]
  • Feral Cities :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Dusk: Dawn of the Artifacts :: [Graphic Design]
  • Running Wild :: [Graphic Design]
  • Jihad Hot Spots: 3076 :: [Cover Design]

2008 Publications

Catalyst Game Labs –

  • Tactical Operations :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Corporate Enclaves :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Runner’s Companion :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Arsenal :: [Graphic Design]
  • Ghost Cartels :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Starterbook: Wolf and Blake :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Jihad Conspiracies :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]

2007 Publications

Catalyst Game Labs –

  • Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • TechManual :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Total Warfare [Corrected 2nd Printing, ENNie Award Nominated]
    :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Starterbook: Sword and Dragon :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Augmentation :: [Interior Layout]
  • Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules :: [Cover Design, Graphic Design]
  • Jihad Hot Spots: 3072 :: [Cover Design]
  • Blake Ascending :: [Cover Design, Layout Updates]

FanPro LLC

  • Handbook: House Davion :: [Interior Layout]

Arthaus / White Wolf Publishing

2006 Publications

FanPro LLC

  • Total Warfare :: [Cover Design, Interior Layout]
  • Brush Wars :: [Cover Design, Interior Layout]
  • Classic BattleTech Introductory Rulebook [Silver & Gold ENNie Award Winner] :: [Cover Design, Interior Layout]
  • World of Aventuria :: [Cover Production, Interior Layout]

2005 Publications

FanPro LLC

  • Shadowrun Fourth Edition [Multiple Gold ENNie Award Winner :: [Game Design Team, Author, Interior Layout]
  • System Failure :: [Cover Design]

Guardians of Order, Inc

  • Dreaming Cities: Tri-Stat Urban Fantasy Genre [ENNie Award Nominated] :: [Art Direction, Graphic Design]
  • BESM d20 Monstrous Manual :: [Art Direction, Graphic Production]
  • BESM d20 Advanced Magic :: [Art Direction, Graphic Production]
  • A Game of Thrones Deluxe Limited Edition [Multiple Silver ENNie Award Winner] :: [Final Graphic Production]
  • A Game of Thrones OGL Edition [Multiple Silver ENNie Award Winner] :: [Final Graphic Production]

Z-Man Games / Spectrum Games – |

  • Star Warriors :: [Graphic Design]
  • Tomorrow Knights :: [Graphic Design]
  • Midway City :: [Graphic Design]

2004 Publications

Guardians of Order, Inc –

  • Uresia d20 :: [Graphic Production]
  • BESM Space Fantasy :: [Graphic Design]
  • BESM The Slayers Books #2 & #3 :: [Graphic Production]
  • Fushigi Yugi Ultimate Fan Guide #3 :: [Graphic Production]
  • Hellsing d20 :: [Co-Author, Graphic Production]
  • BESM Revolutionary Girl Utena Books #1 & #2 :: [Graphic Production]
  • Silver Age Sentinels Emergency Response II :: [Art Direction, Graphic Production ]

FanPro LLC

  • Secrets Of The Blue Tower & Witching Hours :: [Graphic Production]

2003 Publications

Guardians of Order, Inc –

  • Uresia: Grave of Heaven :: [Graphic Production]
  • BESM Dungeon :: [Graphic Design]
  • Cold Hands, Dark Hearts :: [Graphic Design]
  • Fushigi Yugi Ultimate Fan Guide #2 :: [Graphic Production]
  • Silver Age Sentinels d20 Stingy Gamer Edition :: [Graphic Production]
  • BESM The Slayers Book #1 :: [Graphic Production]
  • Hellsing Ultimate Fan Guide #2 :: [Author, Graphic Production]
  • BESM d20 Stingy Gamer Edition :: [Graphic Production]

FanPro LLC

  • Sprawl Survival Guide :: [Co-Author]
  • Shadowrun Character Dossier :: [Product Development]

Older Publications

FASA Corporation

  • Target: Matrix :: [Contributing Author]